Behind the Scenes: AFA Commercial

Recently I was hired by Vision Creative to direct a :30 TV spot for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts What is Your Art awareness campaign. In addition to being a commercial photographer I also engage in between 5-8 freelance directing gigs a year. My projects typically range from Television spots to commercial and industrial corporate profiles.

Working on Video and TV projects allows me to have a break from the heavy demands of commercial photography, and yet at the same time, continue to hone my skills that transfer back in to the world of photography.

The spot will be running on the CTV network across Alberta this fall and Fall 2015, as well as the spot is is also the lead off for the AFA microsite for the campaign www.whatisyourart.ca.

You can check out the full commercial here – www.whatisyourart.ca.

To have success in Television spot a Director needs two things… A client who trusts you and a production team of exceptional individuals all coming together with one common goal. I have to give full credit to the AFA for allowing us to pursue the spot as we saw fit. My exceptional producer Jennifer Fisk from Freestone Communications did a wonderful job navigating the production which included shooter Jamie Coutts, editor Deja Springfield and the creative minds over at Vision Creative as well as the wide range of artists that we featured in the spot.

I decided to do a little behind the scenes Video Blog about how the commercial came together on the day of the shoot and who we featured in it...



Curtis Comeau Video Blog - Corso 32 Restaurant
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This week's video is a quick one and has us in one of Edmonton's most popular and busiest restaurants - Corso 32 - to shoot a working portrait of Chef Daniel Costa for an editorial spread in Avenue Magazine.

Bonus! This video comes complete with some bloopers at the end - because we're photographers, and not the greatest infront of cameras at times...

Curtis Comeau Video Blog - Alberta Women Entrepreneurs
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In this video - we focused on more on our location than the photography itself. Sometimes the environment in which we have to work isn't the most ideal and we have to work to create a suitable space. In the end, we still have to produce great photos regardless.

In this case, we were shooting in a large home that had been turned into a kind of corporate retreat for large groups of people. It was a very secluded location in Ghost River, just west of Calgary. The home was quite old and quite cluttered - but we managed to work out a space and then return it to it's original condition after the shoot. Mostly anyway.

Curtis Comeau Video Blog - Chefs @ Hotel Macdonald
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In our video blog today we're at The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald for a story on food and chefs. We will be shooting in the dining area as well as in the kitchen.

We also go over some details about the gear we're using on this one - which was pretty limited and simple this time. Thanks for watching!

Curtis Comeau Photography Video Blogs - An Introduction
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Hi all - this is my introduction for our new video blogs. Ever wonder what its like being more than a weekend photographer or semi pro photographer? Well on these blogs you will see what happens. Sometimes its pretty cool, other times we just want to show you how non glamorous it can really be.

In these video blogs, we (Myself and Assistant Kevan) will be showcasing behind the scenes of selected photo shoots.

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